How to get accurate battery price from the supplier?

Battery Price

The battery price is very important for the customer. With the technology development, there are also more and more kinds of batteries in the market. And the battery prices vary according to different types battery parameters. They are very complex. Sometimes customers give me their inquiries like

“Please give me quotation about the 150AH and 200AH solar battery”

“Please give me the price for the 72V35Ah battery”

“Please give me the 300KW solar system battery price”

Then I am always helpless but to send our customers a file to ask them to fill in. But I also understand the file is very complex to understand. But without these information, the supplier actually cannot provide the accurate quotation for the customers. And even they provide, the battery price is still not accurate.  So in this article, I will illustrate how to get accurate battery price from the suppliers. The key is to provide the most important points to them.

Essential Information for Battery Price

There are almost fourteen parameters influence the battery price. The figure seems frustrating. But don’t worry, the essential parameters are just about six.

1. The battery usage

Will the battery be used in storage of electricity or power mobile or electric motor? This is very simple, right?

Solar Battery
Solar Battery

2. The battery material type

Lithium or Ternary Battery or Lithium Iron Phosphate or Plumbic Acid? The prices are very different.

3. The Battery capacity type (Battery voltage and Capacity)

Normally customers know this parameter well. It is like 72V 35Ah, or 12V 200Ah. Customers always know to provide this parameter. It is also very simple.

4. The Battery Pack size.

Many customers don’t know need to provide this parameter. Use the electro motor battery as example, the battery sizes are very different for different types of motors. Some are horizontal, some are vertical and each length and width and height are also very different. Use solar system as the other example, some solar projects need the battery whose sizes are like 20 feet or 40 feet containers, while others’ sizes are as huge as two or three or more times of the containers. The sizes influence the battery price heavily.

Container Battery
Container Battery

5. The load type

The load type is similar with the usage. LED streetlight, household solar battery, car, electric motor etc.

Electro Motor Battery
Electro Motor Battery

6. The load power

The load power determines the battery capacity and power supply time. This parameter is very important to design the battery.

Other alternative Information for Battery Price.

1. The charger parameter.

Whether the customers need the suppliers to provide the chargers or not. If do, please specify the charge time requirement. If don’t, please provide the customer own charger parameter, and supplier will design to charge the battery at the soonest time on condition of considering the safety cost.

2. The usage region and working temperature.

Considering the battery performance, the battery should be designed according to the local environment. Some customers want the suppliers to provide the thermal insulation and heating measures, the requirements should be provided.

3. The battery shell material demand

Some customers have different demand with the shell material. There are Storage and Control Integrated Shell, Aluminum Shell, Sheet Metal Shell and Shrink Film Shell.

4. The nominal discharge current or peak discharge current need to be provided in some cases.

5. In some solar systems, the solar module specification should be provided.

6. Interface type

There are waterproof joint wire, Double Wired Conductor and Terminal types for the interface types. If customers have need, these choices should be specified.

7. Water and Dust Class Requirement(IP)

If the water and dust classrequirement exists, please note it. If no requirement, the battery will be designed according to environment and standards.

8. Others information.


Above two parts information are brief introduction about the battery parameters. Especially the part one is the most important. So when you want to get the accurate battery price, please provide the part one information to the supplier, they will give you the quickest feedback.

In order to see these information clearly, we made a file with the parameter list as well as some remark about them. If you need it, please fill in below form or write email to the address showed in the footer, we will send the file to you for reference.


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