Buy Agent

Buy Agent

What is buy agent service?

Buy agent service means Alansolar will help customers buy solar module, battery, inverter and cable. Alansolar will negotiate with the manufacturers to strive for the best price, timely delivery and other best options on behalf of customers. It is very helpful for those customers who want to employ staffs in China but at the same time with the least cost. There is no need to pay for the office cost, payroll cost and other business cost. Only when the procurement occur, will the customers pay for the buy agent with just a little commission.

Why you need to choose buy agent service?

  1. Buy agent can help eliminate infomation asymmetry between the sellers and buyers;
  2. Buy agent is on behalf of the customers, not the sellers’ representative, so the agent will strive for the benefit for the customers;
  3. Buyer agent can get the true, whole and accurate information from the manufactuers,they are more familiar with Chinese local environment than foreign customers;
  4. Sourcing agent can save a lot of time for the customers;
  5. Procurement agent also provide quality control service and factory aduit service for the customers;
  6. Purchase agent can help customers do relevant after-sales dispute work with the manufacturers.
Buyer agent

How the buyer agent process work?

  1. Customers send request to Alansolar;
  2. Alansolar will source the best option for the customers’ request;
  3. Customers can make the payment directly to manufacturers or to Alansolar, Alansolar just earn a little commission of the amount;
  4. Alansolar will also provide factory aduit and quality control for customer, and make the full set of inspection files for customers’ reference;
  5. Alansolar will coordinate with the customers to do the delivery and logistic work.

The business coverage for the buying agent:

Solar module
Solar system
Mounting system parts
Other products

Which buy agency should the customers choose?

Due to the solar industry supply chain is complex and professional, the buy agent staffs should be very familiar with the product knowledge, quality control process and international trade business. They had better have many years of experience in the solar industry. Alansolar can fuifill all these aspects. One of our team member has more than 15 years of principal experience in managing one solar module manufactuer, familiar with the production process, raw material procurement and finished product quality control. And the other member has nearly 10 years experience of international trade business, professional knowledge with the solar supply chain and favourable awareness for the customer service. We also have other members to help do relevant work to provide best service for the end customers.

If you are looking for the buy agent for your solar business, welcome to contact with us!

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