Group Buy

Group Buy

Group buy service means that Alansolar can help customers buy solar module, battery, inverter and cable from manufacturers in big quantity and then divide the big order into small orders and deliver them to different customers.

Why you need to choose group buy?

If solar system installers buy directly from Chinese manufacturers, only when the order quantity is big, can the customers enjoy the competitive price and VIP service. But normally, it is hard for the small installers to buy in huge quantity.

Alansolar will collect small orders from many small installer customers, categorize and analysis the requests and buy from the manufacturers in huge quantity. We will get compeititive price and VIP service from the manufacturers and hand over to installer customers. The manufacturers can also make a huge sales at one time.The group buy process is benefical for both the sellers and buyers.

The product coverage for the group buy:

Solar Module
Solar System
Mounting System Parts

What customer can get from our group buy service?

  1. The most competitive price. Especially for the small order, group buy is the best option.
  2. Same VIP service with big customer. Normally the manufactuers only provide VIP service to their major customers because their order is big. But Alansolar can also provide VIP service to small customers because we collect small orders and make up them to a big one. We will win bargaining chip on the negotiation table.
  3. The best quality. Alansolar impose great importance to the quality control. We mainly play a role as the “Third Party Inspector”, not on behalf of the manufacturers, we are representatives of our customers.
Group Purchase

How the process work?

  1. Customers send enquiries to Alansolar;
  2. Alansolar will collect, categorize and analysis the enquiries and will talk with the producers to get the best price and VIP service;
  3. Alansolar will make quotations and send to customers and confirm the deals;
  4. We will divide the big package into small packages, and deliver them to different customers buy air or ship.

Several clarification tips :

  1. If the sum of all the small order volume cannot get to the manufacturer’s MOQ requirements, the order will be cancelled, but Alansolar will also send the payment back to customers;
  2. The goods should be the common product. If for niche product or for new product, the MOQ requirement should be satisfied;

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