What Make SNEC 2020 Solar Expo Different?

SNEC 2020

The SNEC solar expo is the biggest on in solar industry. Every year many customers from domestic and foreign countries will come to Shanghai for visiting the expo to have a look around the new products including solar module and inverter in the industry. But the SNEC 14th (2020) is very different with previous years under the effect of coronavirus. There are mainly three points making the SNEC 2020 different.

1. The SNEC 2020 customers are different.

Due to the coronavirus, it is very inconvenient currently for customers abroad China come to China to visit the exhibition. So there are only a few foreign customers walking around the expo. They are mainly from South Korea and Japan, and some are living in China for a long period. So this is the first time that SNEC visitors are almost Chinese.

2. The solar modules are much bigger than before.

During May, only a few leading ecterprise launched their new products, the output are mainly for 500W. But three months later, the solar modules exposed around the exhibition have been almost above 500W. What’s more, more than 10 companies displayed their modules with more than 600W. One company displayed a 780W module while JA solar displayed their 800W modules. 800W is the biggest number around the SNEC solar expo.

However, these high efficiency solar modules are the advanced technology products. The price are much higher than mainstream products in the market. But they will play more and more important role in the future.

Haitai Solar 600W
Chint 605W
Suntech 605W
Jinko 610W
Risen 615W
DZS Solar 635W
Trina 660W
Tongwei 780W
JA 800W

3. The inverters new products are nearly 1500V.

In order to match the modules with bigger and bigger output, and in order to optimize the solar system LCOE, HUAWEI, Sunpower, Solis, Goodwe Growatt issued their new inverter products, the voltage class are almost 1500V.

The concept of 1500V was proposed in 2015, because 1500V is considered the best option for the solar PV station after being analysised from aspects of system cost, power generation capacity and LCOE. Only after 5 years, 1500V has won widespread acception.

Kelong 1500V Inverter
Solis 1500V Inverter
Sungrow 1500V Inverter
TBEA 1500V Inverter
Goodwe 1500V Inverter
Growatt 1500V Inverter

Above three points are the unique characteristic for the SNEC 2020. If you want to know more about the market or the product, welcome to contact with us, we can help and provide more information for what you want.

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