Who I Am

When you go to a strange place, the first thing is to find a guide.

When you are in familiar environment, you need to safeguard there is no accident.

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Who I Am

My name is Alan, was born in 1988 and now is living in Shanghai City. I have six years of foreign trade working experience, 3 years in the steel industry while 3 years in the solar industry, familiar with the international trade process, have served customers from EU, Middle East, Africa and South America. I left my last job in August 2019, and now is helping my old sister do procurement work for her company. This is not a full-time job, just help her do some procurement and goods inspection work. When I was an international trade staff, I just sat in office and developed customers by email and call, never went outside to have a look around at different factories. But during past several months, I left office and went around different factories to see the actual production for the mechanical equipments and parts, learned a lot of experience about the procurement and quality inspection. I also took an eye on the solar industry development news because I think it is still sunrise industry and have great potential development. Now besides my customer-development experience, I also have plenty of leisure time to visit different factories, so I am going to develop my own business in the solar industry.

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What can I do for you.

As you know, solar industry production value is very huge and there are many different kinds of players in it.

  • If you are a distributor with big monthly sales volume, you must be familiar with the Chinese solar suppliers, if you need someone to do the goods inspection work or other issues for you, maybe we can have a talk
  • If you are a engineer customer, you may need to procure many kinds of goods such as solar module, inverter, cable, mounting system etc, I can help you do source and supplier investigation work as well as goods inspection work.
  • If you are a small retailer or small installer, you may be inside my key customer group. It will cost so much time and energy as well as money if you want to directly procure from China while with small quantity. I can help you do that kind of work with lower cost. Especially when that product is solar system, you will find we will be the most reliable partner for you.
  • If you want to come to China for the factory visit and you need a guide, I can also help you book hotel, car and other service. I am familiar with driving, and have business driving experience in USA and Germany.
  • If you have any other demand that I can do for you, welcome to inform me, we can have a deep communication.
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What advantage do I have?

  1. Experience. I have several years of international sales experience, I know what customers want, it is really much easier for customers to communicate with sales than with other professions. And now I am working on the procurement and inspection work too, it will be better to offer you the quickest and the most accurate information and feedback.
  2. Freedom. On one hand,  I am independent man, not belong to any company and not be constraint to any other third party, this will not push me to induce the customers to buy some specific brands using the false information. I can only do work just according to your demand, can provide different solutions and the real information for you to make decision. On the other hand, freedom means I have plenty of time special for your work, it mean you can hire a short-term staff according to your needs.
  3. Resource. I live in China, it will be much easier to get access to different factories for your different procurement demand. And I have some friends working as technicians, who can help provide technical support. I am not only a person, I have a small team to help me work.
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How to contact me

If you have any demand with the solar module, solar system, cable, mounting system, welcome to email me consultant@alansolar.com or leave message in below table, I will contact with you soon to discuss the details. If you have any other demand, please inform me, I will try my best to support you.

Thanks and best regards.

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