Why you need to know solar panel group buy?

Group Buy

In 2020, due to the coronovirus pandemic, solar panel group buy is becoming more and more popular all over the world in the solar industry. The pandemic stops the population movement and the goods logistics worldwide. Traditional business cannot go on and the pandemic is now reshaping the solar supply chain. Group buy is an important sales form in the Internet and E-commerce industry. A lot of customers like this type of service because they can enjoy the most competitive price, while a lot of sellers also like it because they can make a huge sales volume in just one deal. It is a kind of win-win deal form.

Why customers need to know about solar panel group buy?

  1. They can enjoy cheaper price. Especially when the purchase volume is small, group buy is the best choice.
  2. They can enjoy the same service with the VIP customers. In traditional business, only when the customers buy in great volume, the sellers will provide VIP service to the customers. The small customers don’t have opportunity to enjoy the VIP service. But in group buy business, a group of small buyers make up a big buyer entity, the purchase volume becomes more attractive for the sellers, pushing them to treat the small customer group as VIP customer and provide their VIP service.
  3. They can also get comprehensive service from the solar panel group buy organizers such as purchasing other products like battery, mounting system and cables.
  4. Due to the small orders become big order, the organizer and manufacturers will pay more attention to the quality control, so the customer can get best quality while enjoy the most competitive price.

Why sellers need to know about solar panel group buy?

  1. They can make a huge sales in just one deal.
  2. They can make promotion in the group buy, whether to promote their new product or to clean up their old product inventory.
  3. They can use it as a channel type and integrate it in their marketing system.
Solar Panel Group Buy

How the solar module group buy work?

  1. Firstly, customers need to send their request to Alansolar;
  2. Alansolar will categorize and analysis the request types and will negotiate with the manufacturers to strive for the best price and VIP service;
  3. We will send the quotations to customers and confirm the orders;
  4. The raw material procurement and goods production will be organized later.
  5. We will divide the big quantity into small orders, package and deliver them to different customers.
Group Purchase

Several tips about the solar module group buy need to clarify:

  1. If the confirmed order volume cannot meet the manufacturer’s MOQ requirements, the order will be cancelled and the payment will be sent back to customers;
  2. The goods should be the conventional product. If for niche product or for new product, the MOQ requirement should be satisfied;

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